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Advertising and Malware

Is your computer running more slowly than usual? Are you seeing large numbers of pop-up ads? You may be infected with malicious software, or Malware.

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This is a series of articles concerning Malware, which is a general term for software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge or permission, and that can compromise its operation. This includes spyware, adware, trojans, zombies, and the like. Malware has become a multi-billion dollar problem.

We will discuss methods of protecting your computer from trouble and for trying to correct the damage once it has been done. Each article in this series has a menu at the top and bottom of each page.

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Page Article Title Description
1 What is Malware?

Learn about Malware (Spyware and Adware) and marketing practices.

2 Study a spyware product See how one spyware product is distributed and licensed.
3 Scripts and pop-ups See what scripts and pop-up ads can do to your computer.
4 A built-in ad? Marketing? Or betrayal of trust? You decide.
5 A source of spyware Let your fingers slip while they do the walking and see what can happen.
6 Adware collusion? One spyware company has decided what adware is and is not acceptable.
7 Emerging threats If you thought spyware and trojan horses were bad, you ain 't seen nut tin' yet.
8 A Point of View A new piece of software suddenly appears on our computer.
9 Betrayed?
An old friend puts a new spin on things. Can we still trust it?
10 Digital rights management DRM protects the record companies from piracy. It can also trash your computer.
11 Phony malware cleaners Windows alerts you of a problem. Should you respond to the alert? NO!!!!
12 Free chat service? This handy program re-defines the meaning of "free".
13 Avoid speeding tickets This service warns you when you approach a radar enforcement site.
14 Free credit report The report is free but the other services are not.
15 Free news alerts Catch up on the latest news. Catch a virus, too?
Additional Resources
1 Anti-Malware software Download programs for removing malware. Much of it is excellent and free.
Find good commercial software at our sister site and help support this site
2 On-line tests Check for security leaks, test your connection speed, and more.
3 Spam See our Spam section to learn about yet more tricks to make your life miserable.

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