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Nigerian 419 Sam

Scamming the scammer. A riotous story by Kristin Metivier.

More Scam Letters

Ok, If you have read all of the other scams and still need a fix then I guess you can read this one.

Kristin tries everything to get this guy roused...he is just boring as hell to put it mildly. But she did get the
money out of him so she still deserves a big old high five!

To:kristin metivier
Subject: Lusitano/Perch Cross
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:56:56 +0800

My name is mr. cole smith.I have interestand wish to purchase your (Lusitano/Perch Cross ) which price
is $5.500.00 I hope it is in a
very good condition?Inrespect of the shipping,Ihave a shipping agent
that will take care of the shipment cos`i have other consignment with
him for shipping to thesame destination.Furtheremore, I have a client in UNITED STATES(US) who
willsendthecheck of $12.900.00 and has
promised to send thecheck down to you onmybehalf.I also want to tell
you that,you will send the remaining balance being the excess fund
via WESTERN UNION MONEYTRANSFER,to the shipping agentwho is coming
for the clearance.
Conclusively,I want you to send your FULLNAMEandADDRESS,including
your PHONE NUMBER in which you will receive a certified cashier check
drawn in usa fund.looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best Regards
Hey Cole,
the horse is in great condition.
My name is Kristin XXXXXXX
Address is   1033 Mass Ave
When will I get the check and where is the horse going?
thanks,Kristin Metivier,i have forward to my client and he promise to send the check by nextweek,and
also inform my shippingagent on how they will carry out their work,please give meyour direct phone
number.looking forward to hear from you.
best regard
cole smith
Great!  Glad to hear they want the horse.  When can I expect a check and what shots does the horse
thans for the mail my client request for your directphone number,before he can send the check.
cole smith
My phone was stolen from my pocketbook yesterday; I will not have another for around a week.  Why
does he need a number before he will send a check...that sounds odd.  Are you serious about buying
this horse or not?  It has been 13 days since I heard from you, I cannot hold the horse forever.  If you
want him let me know asap.
thanks for the mail,
i request for your phone in order to call you when ever the check his issue and send to your
should also send me the picture of the horse (Lusitano/Perch Cross)so kindly get back to me as soon
you read this message.but for how long will you be able to get another phone because the transaction is
involving thounsand of dollars so i want you to give me either your home telephone number so i can call
you to talk more better concerning the you now for every businessmen you must be able
to contact each other most especially on telephone for urgent updating.while waiting for your quickest
thank you.
You know, you have been yanking me around for a month.  Do you want the
horse or not?  I am waiting on the police department to give me a report on the theft so I do not have to
pay for a new phone but the cops are being losers; it's like watching paint dry.  I do not know how long
before they get off their butts and get me the report so I can get a phone.  I am trustworthy and the
easiest way to get me is email, so if you want the horse let me know.  I am holding him for you but I have
another buyer if you do not want him.
Did you FedEx it or send it through the mail?
i send itthrough mail
DEAR??? What the hell is THAT all about?  Well, I guess two can play that way, maybe it’ll give me some
inspiration on my plot line here.  I really am going away for a week…wonder if he’ll be here when I get
home.  By the time I sent this I already had the check: it is a TERRIBLE one.
I got it about an hour ago when go home.  The bad news is that I am leaving for a week's vacation
tomorrow at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  The banks are closed right now so I cannot send the money
tonight.  I will do it when I retun first thing that Monday morning.  I am leaving tomorrow and will be home
a week from sunday.
I hope it's not terribly inconvenient for you, wish I could take care of it sooner.  See you in a week!
Hello Kristin,
I was hoping to get a reply from you that you have send the money,but i did not.Hope no problem?please
mail me back.
Cole Smith.
hi pumpkin,
I just got back fom my vacation today to find your check waiting!! I am
overjoyed.  I have to go get my Brazilian wax fixed at my local waxer and I have some..personal.. tidying
up to do, but I am hoping to get to the bank tomorrow.  Nothing like a poor Brazilian wax to make you
uncomfortable in the humidity, do you know what I mean, luv?  I went to Florida, where I have property,
and found that my condo sustained some serious damage during last week's hurricane.  It's terrible! I
have been distraught for a week; the end result is that I have a meeting with my claims adjuster this
evening to estamte the damage and cost of repair. I guess that by being self employed and single it
doesn't help either. I think that by having some remaining hair yanked off my privates and a good stiff
drink I will soon be in better spirits.
talk soon!
please give  me the western union money transfer info today,because my
shipper is coming for the pick up by tommorrow.thanks,looking forward to hearing from you today .
best regard
cole smith
Oh poopsie,
I have had the worst day!!!  I apologize- deeply- but I was not able to send the money today; I had full
intention of doing so but I spent the whole day in the emergency room. I have been transferred into a
private room awaiting surgery in the morning, which is where I am writing from.  They have computers
here in the rooms- how cool!!!
This is the problem:  when I went to my regular waxer (like I told you last email) to get the rest of the hair
yanked off my private parts my regular girl was not there.  They had some chick fresh out of waxing
school.  You see this coming I am sure: didn't she just heat up the wax WAY too much and put it in ALL
the wrong spots, if you know what I mean.  After I left there I experienced painful urination (among other
symptoms) so I went to the ER.  The end result is that they are going to harvest skin grafts from my
thighs to tranplant onto the gluteous maximus ( and other too private to mention) region(s) of my
posterior.  I am so mad! Beyond the fact I just wanted my Brazilian wax fixed, the chick compounds the
problem and goes and puts me in the hospital!!  Then I am relegated to wearing a thong for four months,
and I am sure you know when you wear a thong it is like a 24 hour a day wedge up your butt.  I am just
grateful that my insurance will cover this fiasco.
I am hoping to be out Saturday AM.  I think that I will be, so I should be able to send your money then.  I
really appreciate your understanding and patience.  I know that you can understand my plight and
Love you cupcake,
ps: what is up with this "  hi metivier" greeting?  I thought we had
developed a deeper, more caring relationship than that!!  My feelings are bruised (along with my
privates).  Excuse the digression, Percocets are wonderful!
Now, can’t you just see some guy in Nigeria going “what the name of God is a Brazilian wax?”  He is
going to be pretty mad when he finds out that my insurance does not cover the surgery to repair my
burned butt..
thanks for the mail ,but my vendor will come to your place by tommorrow
for pick up,send the money today by your self or you can send your family to send it ,today,thanks for
the time being.looking forward to hearing from you with the (mtcn) number
Cole also sends me this the same day; it appears as though he is getting cranky!
MR Metivier, you suprise me ,i said that you should send western union to my shipper,till this moment
you are not sent it either ,is that is the reson you dont want to give me your mobile phone,send the
(money transfer control number)to me today ,and my shipper will come tommorrow,what is the condition
of my horse,looking forward to have the(mtcn)details today.
cole smith
I cannot believe you would send me such an email.  here I am in the hospital and all you can think about
is your all mighty money.  You are so unfeeling as to not even wonder if I made it out of the surgery
alive!!!  For your information, I have no close relatives.  I am by myself, so I cannot get a family memeber
to send you filthy money.  The minute you get this email  I want you to email me your address, because I
am sending you back the check you sent me.  I don't understand your cold and unfeeling ways when I
have been nothing but nice to you.  How could you?  I am going to go cry now.  If you had been kind I
may have still gone through with this; I don't think I can now.
thanks for your mail,
i rederred on relent apology,because all your mail look sound funny,that is the reason why i made such a
statement,i which you soonest recovery,looikng forward to hearing from you soonest.
best regard
cole smith
“I rederred on relent apology”?  What, exactly, does that mean???
I wrote to you...where are you?  I need the shipper's name and address.  
I need it quickly too, as the insurance co needs $8500 soon and if you
don't want the money I am going to spend it.  write soon, dolly!
Thanks for you mail, Am very happy that you granted my apology.
I located in Netherland, but my shipper are in the picking up tour, they are in West Africa presently, here
is the my shipper senior accountant information who is handle all the financial institution of the company.
NG. 23401.
Immediately the money has been sent, i will want you to provide me with
this information from westernunion office and do not hesitate to deduct the westernunion charges from
the money you are sending and the remaining should be sent out to my shipper.
(2)TOTAL AMOUNT SENT after the westernunion charges has been deducted
Do this this morning so that my shipper can be at your location for the
pick up asap.
Thanks.Looking forward to hearing from you.
Since you screwed around and did not email me I paid my medical bill with your money!  I am SO
SORRY!  Don't worry though; I am getting paid on Wednesday a large settlement from the waxers for
pain and suffering, so I will send it to you on Weds. Also, I wanted to let you know I am buying a plane meet you.  I love you.  You seem like the man I have been looking for my whole life and I want to
meet you.  I want you to be the man that sees my freshly redone rear end, I want to get to know you and I
want to have a life with you. I have been lonely since my husband died (we can’t talk abput the
circumstances of that, per court order), and I thank God I have met you. I  will wire the money on Weds.
morning, by 11 at the latest.  I am also sending some extra from the settlement so that you might put
down a down payment on a place for us to an extra $4500 enough?  They're paying me $60,000 in
cash.  Do you need more than the $4500?  Please let me have some info about yourself so that I may be
assured I am making the right decision about you .
With love,
Jeez, I thought there would be some interest on his part hearing that I just came into a lot of money…this
guy is rather boring…
Hi there,
Today is wednesday, i will waiting for the money tranfer details after you sent it out.
Thanks.Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi pumpkin,
Why didn't you answer the question in my email?  I need the answers, dammit! I sent the damn money.
the mtcn is: 927156783
Sender name and address: you have my info already
Test question: who is my best friend?
answer: clara t
please let me know the answers to my questions!
Hi there,
I got your mail and it is well please with me, concerning the question you asked, I will give you an answer
to it, but I just want us to
finish the one we are doing first because I am the one that is delaying
mym shipper for the pick up and for the MTCN you sent, it is not complete it is  supposed to be 10 digit
number not 9, so I will want you to correct it and re send the MTCN to again today. Can I have your phone
number please? so that i can be able to give you a call and dont forget to email me the total amount sent.
Thanks.Looking forward to hearing from you.
oh, NOW you want to be nice, NOW you are all buddy buddy.  I pour my
heart out to you and get one and two sentences back.  I make a mistake on your money and NOW you
say you'll answer me.  How about this: I left the reciept at work, so I need to go get it and check the
number.  Meantime, why don't you send me an email with the answers that I want.  I send $4000. Send me
the email with the answers to the questions.
bye bye!

Thanks for your mail, I got your message and I will be waiting for the
correction after you might seen the reciept at your work.  Am sorry for not respond to your question, it is
because I could not get you very well, "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO MARRY ME?".
Thanks.Looking forward to hearing from you.
You want to marry me??????   Dolly wolly pooh, I would LOOOOVE to marry
you!!!!  My last husband didn't work out...or the one before him, or the one before him either. Two of my
past husbands died mysteriously and the police said that I poisoned them, but they could never prove it.  
Maybe the fifth time will be the lucky one!  People will say I am crazy for jumping into yet another
marriage (especially my ex-husband Clint who tried to have me committed to a mental institution), but
you are only young once; unfortunately that was a long time ago, but we will still be happy.  What do you
hope I look like??  As far as the reciept goes, I had it on  my desk and I spilled coffee all over it and it was
pretty well ruined; I THINK the extra number needed is 3.
If it is not, let me know and I will go to the western union joint and look at their copy of the reciept.
Please give me your phone number; I want to talk to my new fiancee.  I am thrilled beyond words.
Love you poosie,
kristin soon-to-be-Mrs.Cole Smith
Hello Kristin,
With the MTCN you provide, I'm unable to trace the money. Kindly confirm the MTCN for me.  MTCN:
9271567833, Here is the comment: W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please
verify your information and click Check Status,... My shippers are worried.
This guy is no fun whatsoever; he is way too boring for my taste…nothing like my buddy Clara.   He’s
getting the good old kiss off now…
Oh, honey, that's terrible!  I am so sorry your shippers are worried.  Just lie and tell them that your wife
messed up.  I say "lie" because it wasn't ME who messed up.  It was, my dear mugu, went after
the wrong person with your stupid little scam.
Poopsie, I was on to you from the first email that you sent me.  I have been stringing you along, wasting
your time and efforts and making you look like an idiot to the Western union people. It has not been a
waste of time on my end, as that is part of my job as a federal agent!  Oh, did I neglect to mention that I
work for a US Government agency uncovering and prosecuting internet fraud?  Oh, must've slipped my
mind.  The email address, the computer I use, the name and the address: all set ups. That I am not a
female?  Ooops,  I must've forgetten to tell you that too. The computer is cool though, because it has
programs in it that help me track fools like you, so that I can come get you.  You think your programs are
cool?  Mine are better, because they are faster and smarter than yours, and they tell me where you are.
Internet fraud from where you are is a nationwide problem for us, and now the government has had
enough; the tides are turning. By the way, for added entertainment, I have been saving all your emails,
my replies, made them into a document and I am posting it on a website for the world to read and laugh
So, until we meet again-because we will, I am coming after your scamming ass- keep in mind that you've
been played by a player.  Have a sense of humor, LOVE, and we'll have a nice long chat when I have your
ass sitting in my jail.
Until then keep an eye out behind you, because I am coming...soon.
LOL! I tried to warn ya!