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19. A Big Mistake?
Did Google really make a horrible mistake? Can you profit from it? Probably not.
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A Big Mistake?

We just received notice of a fabulous opportunity to earn some money helping Google correct a terrible mistake. We suspect the only mistake would be responding to the letter.

There are some interesting problems with the address on this letter.

  • The letter is addressed to Bruce Nicholson.
  • It is from someone at MyTrustedEMails.Com.
  • It is written on behalf of someone at RapidHomeIncome.Net.

It does not get any more obvious than this, does it?

Bruce Nicholson and Rokeisha Wright are the names used on many spams we receive.

When someone has to tell you in their e-mail address how safe they are, they probably are not safe.

There are two links, one to learn of what is happening at Google and one to learn how to earn $500.

The first and second links are identical.

This is a rather amateurish attempt to trick people. It plays on surprise (that Google made a big mistake) and greed (that you want to earn $500). We suspect the only one earning any money in this case is the author of this letter, if you fall for the trick.

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