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New Uses for AOL CDs
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As the entries come pouring in from both of you we'll use a Sharpie marker to transcribe them onto the back of an AOL CD.

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Make a solar cooker to bake food, or AOL CDs. Nick C. 08/10/05
The CDs in the cardboard package make a terrific divider for bank statements. They are thin, they stick up just a little higher than the statement, and there is room to apply a file folder label. Bob Morrisson 12/17/04
Tie them to the back of a car after a wedding, for the "Just Married" Couple. DeepIntoWorship 12/11/04
Glue on a ruler and you have a fly swatter. Crazy Girl 07/29/04
You can use 10 or more AOL CDs for a tanning mirror. Get a long, rectangular piece of cardboard and fold it into 3 parts. Then glue CDs into each part. TaDa! instant tanning mirror. Edwin Martinez 07/12/04.
Glue them CDss in a concave dish shape. Hang a pot in front of it. Boil water with the reflected focused sunlight. Magnet 04/23/04.
Wheel reflectors for bicycles. Stick a CD between two spokes all the way around the wheel. It is very effective at night. Backup Bob 04/04/04.
See the wonderful things that happen when you launch a CD at 35,000 RPM. Enjoy the video, Extreme Dremel CD Experiments, by Sam Barros. Many thanks to Nathan Adolph 03/08/04
Ammunition. Fillings. Braces. By Les 02/03/04
Military insignia instead of stars, strips, medals and ribbons. By Les 02/03/04
Remember when Librarians put pencils in their hair? Geeks put pens in their shirt pockets? Now it will be disks. By Les 02/03/04
Hubcaps. By Les 02/03/04
Many handy uses: Scare crows from corn field. Portable mirror. Bookmark. Windchimes. By Les 02/02/04
When you get bored at work, stick 'em in the microwave, label side down, and see how long you can get yours to spark. A great time waster but do be careful; it can short out the microwave if you do it too much. (Learned from personal experience) and it smells bad too! haha Jojo 02/02/04
Make shelving columns. Drill holes in the corners of boards, stack up scores of CD's to the height you want between the boards, and run threaded metal rod through with nuts and washers at each end to hold the whole everything together. (The much slower & messier alternative is to use glue). Roo, 09/15/03
I created a mobile out of the pesky things. Makes a great office decor piece! Or decorate the family or church computer room with a couple mobiles. Lance McLean 06/06/03 Click to see the mobile.
I'm a computer teacher, so I save up all superfluous CDs and string fishing line through them and hang them from my classroom ceiling. On the first day of school, all the kids come in and look up, in wonder... it adds sparkle to my room all year long. Gillian Kahn 05/29/03
Throw them at people! Nessa 05/27/03
With a little duct tape the make a nice stopper for the kitchen sink (shinny side down). Norman 05/06/03

Use them to decorate your aquarium and create Comp USA underwater. E Baum's World 04/06/03

Use them as flip-dots in a destination sign for an ocean liner. Bob Morrisson 02/27/03
I use the old-fashioned Christmas lights, the ones about the size of your thumb, and I attach them using clips that make them stand straight out. One year I had the brilliant idea of using old CDs as reflectors, screwing each bulb THROUGH one of them. It turned out that the hole wasn't quite big enough, and enlarging it using a burr grinder on my power drill took quite a while. But I did do several dozen. Neil J. Rubenking@PCMagazine, 02/20/03
  • My wife wants to line a swimming pool with them.
  • I donated a box of them to the Computer Club at my college for decorations on a Xmas tree that they didn't get around to decorating. I defy the club to give them back to me.

Downstrike@PCMagazine, 02/20/03.

I've been using them as drink coasters for years, label side down, of course:) Kathleen Rudden, 02/20/03.
They could make some very interesting wallpaper. x5h4d3x@KazaaLite, 02/18/03
Instead of dropping bombs why not just drop AOL discs from the back of planes? That'll really get the point across to Osama that we're on edge about his cutting manuver. We'll show him the slice of our sword when we find him. Bombs cost too much. Ever seen a CD shatter? That'll do some damage. Those things hurt more than fish scales. OmegaForte@KazaaLite, 02/18/03
  • Hang em off of cherry trees for scarecrows.
  • I'm gonna grind some up and pave my driveway.

Iputerfixer@KazaaLite, 02/18/03

Cut them up and use them for knives. YATTAsparagus28@KazaaLite, 02/17/03
You can use it as money! ZeOnIks@KazaaLite, 0/17/03
Send one to someone and tell them that for every person you send an AOL disk to, Ted Turner will send you 271 dollars. CalmAmericans@KazaaLite, 02/17/03
I think a good idea would be to take two CDs and some string to make a sexy bra. Hal Spoons, 02/14/03
You could get a HUGE stack of them and use them for a battering ram. SomeRandomUserName@KazaaLite, 02/06/03
Use a big pile of them to flatten bent books. OmipotentEntity@KazaaLite, 02/06/03
I have found that if you are angry, you can take any number of AOL CDs outside and smash them against your driveway into a million pieces. After about five of them, you feel better because you know that you've helped rid the world of some copies of the AOL virus. CyberCoffeeRunsAmok, 02/06/03
  • Mail to 10 friends-start an AOL chain-letter. Just add a disk with each link.
  • Pull out stand for cello.
  • Earmuffs (glue some fur on one side, then attach a U-shaped piece of bent coathanger to both disks).
  • Eye patch for pirates.
  • Placing one in each back pocket helps children who get paddled by the coach. This spreads the force to a wider area.
  • Use them to decorate your aquarium. Create Computer City under water.
  • Glue two together for a greeting card.
  • Money clip.

OmipotentEntity@KazaaLite, 02/05/03

  • By a clock movement and make a clock.
  • The tins are great, especially for laptop users who need to carry disks but don't want to carry a big case. They are especially useful for storing movies you have downloaded and put on several disks.
  • If you make the hole a little larger, you can put a light bulb inside of it and make some really cool effects with an ordinary lamp.
  • And they are great in fishtanks, keeps the little fishies busy for hours.
  • We used some last year out in the garden to grow potatoes in the garden and then keep weeds away from plants.
  • They are great spacers for lots of things
  • And if you want some real fun, glue several disks together and make wheels for your desk or other large objects.
  • Place them under the front of bookcases so the bookcase won't tip over.

Options@KazaaLite, 02/03/03

Make a really cheap flying saucer alien movie. That would scare me; with all those AOL cd's I'd probably have to run out screaming.NdnPrince@KazaaLite 01/31/03
Let the hamster play with it. Battousai 1983@KazaaLite, 01/30/03
Note - We do not endorse this activity.
Once you have amassed several hundred of the things you can insert a robust length of wire through them all, chain them to the necks of your disliked inlaws, and then push them off bridge! A wholesome activity that the whole family can enjoy. Tegs@KazaaLite 01/30/03.
SVLUG uses cut up CDs as fins for launching rockets. They may be modifying their "Internet Exploder" rocket, which originally used Windows 98 beta CDs, to function with AOL CDs. Found 01/28/03
Use them to make Christmas trees. Dave Dyer has pictures of them on his Website. Dave Dyer, 01/28/03.
We have used them for ice scrapers. Bob Morrisson 01/28/03.
Tie one or more to a helium-filled balloon so the balloon hangs in mid air. Then give it a gently shove to send it across the room. The reactions in places like a restaurant can be quite amusing. Bob Morrisson 01/28/03.
I'm so sick of AOL CDs I think I'm gonna snap mine up and use them to cut my wrists. Tegs@KazaaLite 01/27/03.
This is actually useful. I string our electric fence for cattle using them as insulators. George LeFeuvre, 01/27/03
I suggest forwarding them to addresses in Afghanistan and flooding their country with them. They would soon get aggravated at the AOL company and take appropriate action. 170 and St. Nick@KazaaLite 01/25/03.
Obviously they are to be melted and used for weird looking art. My friend did that, and it looked somewhat disturbing.
Nathan the Creator @KazaaLite, 01/24/03
  • Use them to transcribe old material. Click here to see.
  • Drop them from fighter aircraft, instead of dropping chaff, to confuse ground radar systems.
  • Collect enough to fill a Starlifter and drop them on Baghdad.

Bob Morrisson 01/24/03.

All I can say is, who needs a mirror when you have a few hundred AOL CDds on your wall. BDot@KazaaLite, 01/23/01.
Mabye I could heat my house with them like I do with junk mail. Joe Howe 01/21/03.
  • Give it to your ex for valentine's day. Hopefully she'll find a psycho in a chat room and end up marrying him.
  • Pile up on them for holloween and use them as projectiles against cars, pets, friends, etc.. Beats wasting money for eggs and other food products.

170 and St. Nick@KazaaLite 01/21/03.

Glue the cds together in a sphere form and put a high watt light bulb inside. Great disco ball for dancing! Joe Howe 01/20/03.
  • They make great mobiles. Just string them up with fishing twine and dowels or pencils.
  • In an elementary school classroom, write the letters of the alphabet on 26 CDs and put them above the blackboard.
  • How about gathering a small herd of cats, dipping some AOL CDs in catnip and others in fish oil, and hurling them through the open window of the neighborhood cat hater.

Bob Morrisson 01/20/03.

We do NOT recommend you try this!!!
Pyromaniacs can dip them in gasoline, light a fire, and throw them like frisbees through the fire. DJFox@KazaaLite 01/20/03.
I use them to throw at the neck's of the idiots who sign up for the service and actually PAY for it. Eric87522@KazaaLite 01/19/03.
I have a few glued up in the corners of my ceilings to see around the way in case someone broke in during the day and is waiting to ambush me. I have another on a bookshelf disguising a camera. Eric87522@KazaaLite 01/19/03.
Make a clock. Purchase a clock kit. Trace the CD onto a greeting card. Cut out the card and glue to the CD. Glue on the numbers, and put the CD onto a stand. Elissa McClung, as printed in Heloise, 01/19/03 (King Features Syndicate, Inc.)
Here's a novel use for AOL CDs. You could use them to set up your computer to access the Internet. NdnPrince21@KazaaLite 01/18/03
Teething rings for dogs and tigers.

Stack them up and see how high the stack will go. It has been said that a million of them would be three times as high as the Empire State Building. www.NoMoreAolCds.com 01/17/03

I use them to create borders for my bulletin boards in my classroom. I have a ton of them now. The other teachers and the students are always dropping them off to my room. John Bryan 01/17/03
AOL cds can make a great valentine's day present for the cheap-o boyfriend. "Honey, I'm giving you 300 hours free (or up to a month) so we can chat all night long and express our love in emoticons" 170 and St. Nick @KazaaLite 01/07/03

Sometimes I use them to make tables level. It works most of the time. It also adds a neat effect if you put them under all four legs. It doesn't matter the height of them; just stack 'em under there. Timinator705@KazaaLite

I like to throw them like the chinese stars. Then I take look at the CD and think that would have made a good coaster, but then when I check the mail the next morning I find I have another one so there are no worries. Timinator705@KazaaLite 12/27/02
I think they should use them for mirrors in make up cases! Iputerfixer@KazaaLite 12/26/02.
Use them as coasters. Valkyrie@KazaaLite 12/06/02
Considering the holidays are coming,AOL CD's are the CHEAPEST stocking stuffers in the world!!! KrazyG17@KazaaLite

AOL CDs make the best Chinese stars. AOL ninjas...rofl! PCH@KazaaLite 12/05/02

AOL cd's make really cheap mirror tiles. Ever wanted a mirror above your bed but couldnt afford it? Well now you can!! Danny 1810@KazaaLite 12/05/02
Use them as a radar dish. Chris Schlesiger 11/28/02
  • Glue a bunch of them together, put them on a broomstick, and use them for barbells.
  • Reflectors for Amish buggies. Put them on the horse or the cart. Just don't put them on the cart before putting them on the horse.
  • They make terrific signal mirrors.

Bob Morrisson 11/27/02

  • Use them in the garden to scare off the crows and to serve as wind chimes.
  • Stack them up and use them as candle holders. They would work great for an Easter procession, when the Light of the World is spread.
  • Stack them up and use them as a meatball press.
  • Put one on each side of a bagel while slicing the bagel to protect your hands.

Sue Morrisson 11/27/02

Pocket mirrors. David Just, 11/27/02

We do NOT recommend you try this!!!
Place the CD on the cap from a 2 liter bottle in the center of a microwave oven. Set the timer for 5 seconds, turn off the room lights, and press "Start". Enjoy the colorful pyrotechnic display. My children gather 'round the nuker for this show and then they hang the carcasses on their wall. WARNING! CD media can explode and can take your nuker with it. Thom Hokama 11/27/02.

Gift labels . . . useful, and cool. Makes your gift stand out, too. :). Ai Ling, 11/26/02
Paint them black and turn them into 45 RPM records. Bob Morrisson 11/25/02
They make GREAT mini-Frisbees! Barry G. Smith 11/25/02.
CD Origami and Kirigami - see how many times you can fold and twist the CD before it breaks (Please use safety glasses.). Go for the CD Origami bird, boat, or try the origami dribble cup. Painted side out for the Kirigami effect. Jonathan Rude 11/25/02
Replace the AOL CD in the tin with a spring loaded pop-out snake for that Holiday practical joke "Surprise" Ho Ho Ho.
Jonathan Rude 11/25/02
AOL CD have recently come in slim-line tins, great for use as that one cookie gift for Santa. Hand decoration is necessary to disguise original use. Jonathan Rude 11/25/02
Send the CD through a 5-page paper shredder multiple times, rotating the angle for unique cut and perforations designs on the CD surface. If the shredder actually shreds the CD the smaller fragments make great sparkle confetti. Or use them to make a do-it-yourself Disco Ball. Theoretically, a Liberace piano is possible. The sky's the limit. Jonathan Rude 11/25/02
CD Kung Fu Throwing Disks - For that aspiring Kung Fu/Martial Arts Master. Just pick a target, wind up, and let 'er rip. For unique special performance and dramatic appeal, cut in star points and sharpen the edges before throwing - Grasshopper! Jonathan Rude 11/25/02.
CD Skeet and Trap - Shotgun, thrower, and trap range not included. Always point your gun in a safe direction; Hunter's Safety course recommended. NRA- Yes, Sara Brady- No, endorsed by Bob Ehrlich and Ducks Unlimited. Jonathan Rude 11/25/02

CD Gifts for that "hard to buy for" person on your list this Christmas. 1. Saves Money (It's the thought that counts, right!). 2. Send in the envelope with your favorite Hallmark (R) greeting; [SIC] You've Got Mail! Jonathan Rude 11/25/02

"Guess the Password" Table Game, to guess free passwords that have not been used by AOL. Each player is dealt five AOL CD backing cards. Try to guess what "old poker face" is holding: "MENSA-BORDUM," "WHITER-JIGSAW," "HARRYS-DOORNOB," "CANNED-LAUGHS," "SMOKED-VEGGIES," ... the list goes on ... Jonathan Rude 11/25/02
Eyes for owls at Hooter's. Maria Kneas, 11/24/02
Don't throw those AOL CDs away! I save them and give them to the art teacher at school. Last year they made some great Christmas ornaments out of them. Brian Leach, via PC Magazine 11/24/02
Those disks also make decorative coasters for coffee tables. We used to make flower pots by heating L.P.'s over a can in the oven. Perhaps that would work with the AOL CDs also. Lesame, via PC Magazine, 11/23/02
  • How about roofing tiles for doll houses?
  • Flat frisbees?
  • Sequins for the dress of a very large woman.
  • Adult-sized Tiddly Winks.
  • Paul Bunyan's monocle.
  • Camel hubcaps (they fit onto the knees).
  • Highway reflectors

Bob Morrisson 11/23/02

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