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New Uses for AOL CDs
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As the entries come pouring in from both of you we'll use a Sharpie marker to transcribe them onto the back of an AOL CD.

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See what other Websites recommend you do with your CDs

Wanderlist has a number of really handy ideas.

  Use them for a key chain Hang them from your rear view mirror Serving platters for Sushi
  Mailbox reflectors Gifts for people you don't like Send them to Earthlink
  Paint them black and use as portable holes

Family Crafts has a wealth of crafts that can be made from old CDs. In some case the CD is used to trace something, while in other cases it is used as part of the project.

DLTK's Kids has instructions for using an old CD to make a Canada Day coaster.

Earth Plaza lists a number of interesting new uses:

  Room dividers for hamsters Grill scraper Bird house.
  Paper weights Hand them out as party favors Vertical blinds
  Make an AOL disk & pasta casserole Bench press weights (I can press 120) Brake shoes
  Hockey Puck Grind them up to make fake snow Hood ornament
  Snow blower replacement blades Heels for platform shoes Snack trays
  Use them as elbow and knee pads Wax scraper for snowboards Baby mobile
  A wind clacker, similar to a wind chime Dance floor for an ant colony Fence (may need a few thousand)
  Mini cutting board (great for the office or the car, use metal door for knife
  Attach it to a ruler and presto! - you've got a fly swatter.
  Construct a life size replica of Stonehenge
  Use multiple disks to create an ideal door stopper.
  Use them for karate board-breaking demonstrations (save a tree).
  Refrigerator magnet (glue a magnet to the back).
  A very sturdy base for putting the motorcycle sidestand on when parking on soft surfaces.
  Keep 'em in the trunk for extra traction in the snow.
  Solar Eclipse Glasses (open door and look through disk at the sun/moon -actually works).
  Bug Shield (glue a bunch to the front of your car's hood).
  Melt the plastic of the disks into a giant sculpture.
  Hidden/spare key holder (crack open 1 side, insert key and then place near door. Completely safe...who would want an AOL disk?)
  Be an AOL diskette surgeon and dissect a diskette.
  Grind 'em up and refertilize the front lawn.
  The new "Domino's stuffed-crust pizza" filling.
  Tell the kids to leave warm milk & AOL disks for Santa.
  Add water and special plant life to make a Chia-Disk.
  Noise maker for your bike spokes (why damage your valuable baseball cards).
  Put one on a leash and drag it along as you walk...makes the perfect pet.
  Use the diskettes for earrings. Put the loop into the write-protect hole.
  Use them for zipper pulls (instead of ski lift tickets).
  Fly paper. Use actual disk and put string through middle, hang 2" apart and apply honey to disks.
  Collect a large mass and detonate a supernova.
  Bread roller (use actual disks and put rod through center-use about 100).
  Wonderbra inserts for that Madonna-techno look.

EddNet has creative uses not only for AOL CDs, they have uses Marmite, dead cats, paper clips, and cork. They list over 200 uses for AOL CDs, some of which duplicate our listings. Just a few of these are:

  Hula hoop for worms The mirror on a dentist's head Air hockey puck
  Pond weed weight Chain mail armor Halloween treats
  Play Twister Stepping stones for the lawn Ice skating rink for a hamster
  Casino chips Dart board Glue gun rest
  Toe tags for dead people House insulation Poopa scoopa
  Mark out your vegetable garden Fill in potholes Personalized egg cooling pad
  Grind into a fine powder. Try to sell the powder in nightclubs.
  Crust crispers for tiny microwave pizzas.
  Use 52 of them as a deck of cards.
  Communications badges for Star Trek.
  Anger managment. Lob 'em up to a friend armed with a baseball bat.
  Stick under the nose of unconcious bods to see if they are breathing.
  Mirror for scale replica of the Hubble space telescope.
  Use them to celebrate National AOL CD Awareness Week.
  Lay thousands of them out in a field in a fractal pattern. Convince everyone aliens did it.
  Tie a stack to the end of a rope and you've got yourself a high tech weapon.
  Go back in time and leave them for the ancient egyptians to find. See how it affects history
  Prop open a crocodile's mouth in absence of a stick.
  Place CD round a baby oak tree. As it grows it will become part of the tree.
  Drill a few more holes in some, put them together to make a collander.
  Cover the walls, the ceiling, the furniture, and the roof... stop THEM hearing what you're saying.
  Tie several onto a piece of string between two garden canes to create an effective bird deterent.

John English has come up with yet more interesting uses.

  Eclipse viewer Bookmark for any hardbound book Elton John mirror shades
  Give your parakeet a friend Practice skipping stones indoors Shields for your GI Joes
  Nueveau wall paper Snow shoes for dogs Roadside and driveway reflectors
  Large fender washers Edward CD hands Furniture coasters
  Use two for your snow boarding chicken Fishing lures for marlin Jack up your roller skates
  Candle holders Replacement "patty stacker" dividers  
  Y'know when you're driving and some creep right behind you has their brights on? Use the shiny side to send their light right back at them.
  Take some string, some cork, some glue, and an even number of CDs : Yo-Yo
  At work, keep the bathroom key in an easy to find location by attaching it to a CD.
  Astronomy: Glue two halves of a sphere to both sides of a tennis ball and model Saturn.
  Use the AOL Mini-CD as a lance for GI Joe.
  Glue them to the outside of your house and bounce all of the sunlight off. Cut your cooling costs.
  They say that there is no intelligent life out there. Glue them to a 4x8 board, grab a xylophone, and start signaling.
  Tape a few strategically to the walls of your house so that no matter where you are you can us the remote control.
  Glue one to your computer monitor so you can see whose behind you.
  Give them to your kid when they have to make a diarama of the final scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (Think of the rotating knives).
  Get four of them and jack up your hot wheels.
  Diarama idea #2: The Pit and the Pendulum.
  Kill time by working out the Towers of Hanoi problem.
  Laser defraction grating material for experiments.
  Solar mirror for concentrating heat into a fresnel lens solar oven.
  Glue several together into a parabolic shape for spy listening device, or use as a satellite dish.
  Tie some to strings and attach them in front ot the air conditioner vent. Watch them dance.
  Make a grinding wheel for your pocket knife.
  Use a hot knife to carefully fold them into various shapes. I'd like to see the platonic solids, myself.
  Cut them in half to form the legs of a rocking chair for dolls or stuffed animals.
  Get an old satellite dish (big one) line the dish with them point it at the sun and you have one hell of a cigarette lighter. This would probably do a lot of damage to my pipe. Or have the focused energy hit a metal tube to heat water. That would save on the electric bill, wouldn't it?

Geek.Com has a thread featuring a number of interesting uses.

  Conversation piece: I keep my stack of AOL CD's on a CD spindle on my coffee table for guests to use as coasters. by Eric - http://www.InvisibleRobot.com
  Make a lamp: Stack about 100 of them with a flourescent light bulb as the spindle, the kind that come in small office lamps. Mount it on a decorative wooden base of your choice, looks very groovy and 60's retro. by Ziwiwiwiwiwiwwiwiwi
  I found that AOL CD's fly suprisingly fast and far when thrown "overhand". Just don't try to catch one. They hurt. Anyone else out there have any novel uses for AOL CD's? by M@
  Door Ornaments: I've been collecting such free CDs and taping them, shiny side out, to my door. Get enough of them up there and you get to see a pretty light show every time you walk by (provided there is some sort of light shining on them). It's a great way to impress the easily amused, too. - by Jacob
  Take the 2 AOL coasters, glue them together shiny side out, and drill two holes near the edge on opposite sides. Hang them in series with fish line, hang the CD strings side by side, place in a sunny window. These are great sun catchers and send rainbows everywhere. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - by Just Mhee
  Floaters: We use them in physics class (K-6) to teach about force and Laws of Motion.
  1. Take any cork, but preferably one that is tapered, and drill a 1/4" hole from top to bottom.
  2. Using hot glue or modeling cement, glue the cork (large taper up) over the center hole of the CD (shiny side down). Allow glue to dry.
  3. Carefully pull the nipple from a regular party balloon over the large taper of the cork. If you used a straight wine cork, you may need to also apply a round of electrical tape to hold the balloon on the cork.
  4. Blow air into the balloon through the hole in the CD, filling to a reasonable level. Once full, place your finger over the hole to hold the air.
  5. Place the CD shiny side down on any flat, smooth surface. Voila! A Hovercraft.

COMPETITION: Who can stay up the longest? Travel furthest? Travel most accurately?

ADVANCED: Use dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen in small film cans for propellant. Install horizontal thrusters, rudders, etc. for controlled navigation. More.

Have fun. - by Frederico

  Candle Lamp: At Christmas season, take a candle and put it in your window. Prop up an AOL CD with the shiny side facing the window. Make sure the candle is closer to the window than the CD is. The candle should be at least 4 inches from the CD; this will not only give a nice decor from the outside but it will look like you have multiple candles and multiple colors. Garry, CEO NoLines.net
   ... more on the way!

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