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New Uses for AOL CDs
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As the entries come pouring in from both of you we'll use a Sharpie marker to transcribe them onto the back of an AOL CD.

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There Are Websites Dedicated To
The Preservation of AOL CDs

AOL CD Preservation Guild

The AOL DC Preservation Guild exists to ensure that future generations will not be denied the monthly annoyance of receiving AOL CDs in the mail. They would like to ensure that future generations have the right to be equally annoyed. Their Website features collector's information for virtually every AOL CD and diskette known to man, and then some.

Sparky Haufle collects and trades AOL CD items. Sparky has a complete guide to AOL CD collecting, which you can order on line for $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. See pictures on Page 4
Dave Dyer uses them to make Christmas trees. He has several pictures of them on his Website. They can also be hung from trees outdoors as decorations. See pictures on Page 4
Lydia Cline's Website is devoted to AOL CDs and to events surrounding the launch of new version of AOL. There are plenty of interesting things here .
AOL CD Collecting offers a book on the collection hobby, complete with password codes and information about the various versions of CDs that have been released.
The Virtual AOL CD and Disk Collection is a virtual museum of AOL memorabilia.
The CD Cult America Online Collection features links to virtually every AOL disk in the world.

CNN featured NoMoreAOLCDs, the site that is sending a million AOL CDs back to AOL.

Beermat features CDs used as art.
Martyn Arnold has run tests on AOL diskettes and CDs to determine how effectively they stand up under a variety of weaponry.
Martyn Arnold has also used an AOL CD as a cutting wheel, in place of a high speed grinding wheel.
Wired features stories about a number of collections, including Sparky Haufle.
The Register reports on a Website that is collecting one million AOL CDs that it plans to return to AOL.
Johnnie McCoy offers a "prize" with a complete collection of AOL CDs.

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