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No More AOL CDs

A Website hosted by GrandHighPooBah, Go2Guy, and Abner the Rhino; since 8/1/2001

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What to do with those AOL CDs?

As you are probably aware, America On Line (AOL) has probably mailed out enough diskettes and CDs to satisfy the needs of every person in the world several times over.

There are now two Websites dedicated to sending a million CDs back to AOL. They are collecting CDs from Netscape, CompuServe, and AOL, which are all connected corporately. Their goal is to amass 1,000,000 of these CDs, which they will then return to their originator.

This is a rather interesting idea. There are certainly enough of those things out there to last everyone on earth a lifetime, or several lifetimes if you believe in such things.

These CDs are an environmental concern. Valuable hydrocarbons (read: imported oil) are used to produce them. Fuel and labor are expended to distribute them. After homeowners and businesses discard them the trash trucks must haul them away.

The landfills must be choking up with millions of these things. As far as we know there is no way to recycle plastic CDs and it is not safe to burn them.

No More AOL CDs - USA

A Bigger Threat Than
King Kong?

No More AOL CDs - Canada

We receive one or two of these CDs every month by mail. We keep the newest ones on hand, along with some of the password cards, in case some day we need to have a dial-up connection. Over the past three years we have had broadband Internet we have not needed these CDs but it is nice to know we are covered if the DSL ever dies at a critical time.

So, will the good folks collecting a million CDs be able to convince AOL to stop mailing so many of these things out? Or will marketing hype prevail? Only time will tell.


No More AOL CDs - USA No More AOL CDs - USA Website
No More AOL CDs - Canada No More AOL CDs - Canada Website
Your country may be added here. Please let us know of any AOL CD Websites that are not featured here. We will gladly add them to our listing.


New Uses for AOL CDs
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