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A Dying Wish

By: Bob Morrisson

This is a request from a seven year old girl named Shawnitra Tallisker, from Random, Pennsylvania, who is dying of Invarigated Collywobbles.

Shawnitra has only six months to live. She will never graduate from high school or have a family of her own, as this terrible disease is slowly killing her. She says it feels as if Pac-Man is gobbling away more and more of the little dots of her life every day as she wanders through a maze of doctor's offices and hospital rooms.

Shawnitra would like to have as many people as possible send an e-mail so she can die with a smile on her face, knowing so many people cared. It would bring such joy to her little heart.

Before you ask, this is for real. It is not an Internet hoax. No one will pay her three cents for each e-mail and no famous people will be donating money to her cause. Angels will not be doing anything special in heaven and no sports celebrities will be inviting her to their games.

Shawnitra just wants to know that the world cares about her.

She has asked me to remind you that when forwarding this, or any, e-mail that you make certain to strip away any other e-mail addresses, to avoid compromising anyone's personal identification.

Please send the e-mail to the two addresses below:


In the subject line please put:

About your mortgage of an enlarged orgasm to please her with your diploma for this stock that is sure to take off.

Little Shawnitra will be so happy as she lays in bed at night thinking of how those two bums, whose names are on so much of the spam she receives each day, will finally get theirs.


This letter is a spoof of an Internet hoax.  Please do NOT try to mail to these addresses. The USNMA is one of many "phishing" sites out there. Click here to learn more about such scams.


Copyright 2007 by Robert Morrisson
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