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Herding Cats

An EDS Super Bowl Commercial

Herding Cats

Yes, we really do have advertising here at Eagle-Wing.Net, but not the way you might think.

The Super Bowl offers large companies the unique opportunity to air a commercial, knowing that they will have millions of attentive viewers. As each year's Super Bowl commercials have become more and more creative, the number of people "hooked" on watching them has increased dramatically. Even people who don't like football will stop what they are doing to watch the commercials.

One of our favorite Super Bowl commercials is EDS' "Herding Cats", by the Fallon McElligott advertising agency.

This ad featured real cowboys from out west, along with about 60 cats and 13 cat trainers. With the magic of computer graphics there were thousands of cats on the screen swimming across streams, winding around the legs of horses, and roughing up the cowboys.

Herding Cats

It used to be the local water company could tell when the Super Bowl commercials were airing because the water usage would skyrocket as people used the toilet. That has changed; perhaps a better measure would be a sudden increase in pressure as viewers huddle around the "tube".

Watch the Video

Watch the Video
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