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Extreme Dremel CD Experiments

Courtesy of Nathan Adolph

Sam Barros' Power Lab features a number of interesting and bizarre experiments. The scientific experiments on this site appear well thought out and some of them are quite amusing.

Sam was concerned about the speed of some of the new high speed CD Rom drives, which can spin a platter at a pretty good clip. To test the durability of CDs he put them in a Dremel tool, where they spin at 35,000 RPM and achieve an edge velocity of 492 mph / 792 km/h (Sam's figures, not mine).

So sit back and relax as Sam demonstrates his scientific skills in the window that will open when you click below. Then take a tour of the rest of the site. It's pretty interesting.

to read the article and view the video. Click on the large "Exteme Dremel" picture to start the video.
to view the Extreme Dremel video without reading the text.
to view the initial Dremel CD experiment.

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