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High Speed Trolleys

A Practical Solution for Today's Traffic Problems

By: Bob Morrisson


This special section was inspired by a story on WTOP radio's Sprawl and Crawl program in which Steve Eldridge discusses the use of modern trolleys to serve places like Dulles Airport. In the story he mentioned the trolleys of Portland Oregon. I had just spent a week in Portland and I had taken a number of pictures of their trolleys so I decided to share a few of them with our visitors and, hopefully, some of Steve's listeners.

If you are in the Washington DC area tune in to WTOP at 103.5 on the FM dial (formerly at 1500 AM) or visit to learn more about Washington's "hardening of the arteries". Their signal can be heard far up and down the east coast so you don't have to be local to hear it. They have traffic reports every ten minutes on the 8's (1208, 1218, etc.)

Page 1 gives a brief background of how high speed interurban trolleys once provided fast and efficient transporatation and how they met their demise. It also describes today's traffic problems.

Page 2 compares several modern forms of transportation and describes how interurban trolleys are making a come-back in many American cities today.

Page 3 shows how Portland Oregon has solved some of their traffic problems. It includes several pictures.

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